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Michael Packard wrote

> sorry.  =) Why are you drawing them on the screen in the first place?

Ok Michael, perhaps I did not make it clear enough, but Jacques
somehow guessed it anyway: three different tokens in three different
basic colors are used a lot in the game. Given my simple nature, I
assumed it would be both easier and faster to draw them just once at
beginning, save them as images, and re-use them as required. My initial
impulse was to do it on a hidden page (in fact I have just noticed
a remnant of it - set_active_page(0) - twins.ex, line 78, I failed to
delete!). Then I realized mode 18 had just one page, and promptly
forgot all about it, because even my old 66 MHz 486 is fast enough to
obscure it. Then came David Cuny with his 386 ...  Jiri.

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