1. password

Another cool one I thought up in high school and my wiz teacher
completed for me because he thought it was a good idea, was that we knew
where a basic program was going to be in memory, and then knew where the end
of the few lines of password code would  be (at the beginning), then we
multiplied everything that remained in memory by a certain algorithm and
then saved it that way.  The first few lines would run,  the user would
enter the password, and then the algorithm would divide everything by the
ascii values of the password restoring everything to the way it was and
enabling the program to run.  The bad thing was (for the interloper or
forgettful user) was that if you enter the wrong password it scambles what's
in memory.  Kind of cool.
Monty King
Monty, Bambi, and Bart, Sprinfield, Oregon, USA

Check out my Home Page!  Just added a Euphoria page
with links and a couple of small programs.  It is off
of my main page (Webspace Gateway) and easy to see.

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