1. good!

I just wanted to know that you were out there.

In case you're wondering, all the stuff we'll be covering in the course,
I'M DOING this week to stay ahead of you.  I should have preliminary
screen shots on the web site today sometime.  If you're curious as to
what our project should look like when we actually start coding, check it
out.   http://exo.com/~lgp/euphoria

I'll go into it next week, but I'll tell ya now, whenever I begin a
design, I draw preliminary screen shots.  It REALLY helps the design
process, as you can SEE things you need that you didn't know you needed
when you got the original idea.  You also can spec out graphics sizes and
what screen layout.  Its a springboard to brainstorm new nifty features.

For example, in laying out the screen, I found a big square box area that
I didn't have anything to fill with.  I decided to put out hi-scores list
there.  It works.


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