1. Re: Interface to DOS info

Hi John,

You wrote:
> I would like to collect a bit of info about the DOS machines:I can
get > the DOS version, hard drive size, amount of conventional memory
> by using interrupts.  From contents on the hard drive I can determine the
> existence of Win31.  I can not find anyway to determine
>   extended memory size
>   Processor
>   processor speed
>   Manufacturer
>   Model

Marcel said:
What I can do is give you a search vector. I found some Pascal code
which is a part of SWAG (Sourceware Archival Group). You can get
the SWAG program library from any good BBS. I hope you are familiar
with Pascal so you can translate the code. But I must warn you, a lot
of this code is machine code.
Here follows some Pascal code for detecting XMS/EMS. After that code
follows some information how to get the EMS/EXM amount from de CMOS
setup ram. What I learned from the Pascal code: it is difficult to
determine how fast the CPU is running. It is all on empirical base.

Good luck,

Marcel Kollenaar

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