1. Re: mouse pointer

At 02:00 AM 10/17/96 -0500, you wrote:

>Your mouse pointer is acting a lot different then mine, as my mouse
>pointer is visible immediately.

My mouse usually acts great!

 You might want to try the following
>short .ex program to see

Tried it and it works just fine

This routine is essentially the same as in my file selector

I was wondering if maybe I have an old  copy of your file selector .e,  I
tried to incorporate it into a project and it wouln't work with that either,
even though I got all of the variables and functions out of the ed.ex and
modified it.  I did get it to come up,  but again the pointer did not come
up.  I moved the mouse around and eventually hit the spot where you choose
drives,  so I know the point routine is working,  just no visible pointer.
        Once again,  my mouse pointer has ALWAYS worked just like a normal
one.  Never had ANY problems.

        If I have a bad copy,  due to my looking back through my mail and
not getting the most current,  my apologies for the time you have spent.  I
like the way it works,  when I can get it to,  but can't get it to...I am
thinking maybe it is an old copy.
Thanks for the reply and the help,
Monty King

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