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You wrote:
>not tried the example program though.  The mouse file chooser works,
>just doesn't start up the mouse pointer until after the second time
the file
>chooser is run.  I think it actually is on, just the pointer is not
>Not sure though.  WHen it does work,  it sure is handy though.
>        Changing those lines didn't really seem to do anything.
>        Thanks for the reply, Monty

Your mouse pointer is acting a lot different then mine, as my mouse
pointer is visible immediately.  You might want to try the following
short .ex program to see if your mouse pointer starts up right with
this.  This routine is essentially the same as in my file selector
pgm and may help narrow down the source of the problem you are having.
  After you start this program the pointer should be visible, and
should move as you move the mouse.  If you click once on the left
button some numbers will appear in the upper left corner of the
screen.  A second click on the left button will end the program.

---------- test.ex -------------

include graphics.e
include mouse.e
object mouse_return


function mouse()
    object y
    while 1 do
        y = get_mouse()
        if not atom(y) then
        end if
    end while
    return y
end function

mouse_return = mouse()
? mouse_return
mouse_return = mouse()


 --   Fred Cole

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