1. Re: LongMail.txt - Modified ed.ex

you wrote:

"Choices", not "select".  I guess sending these files encoded
>with binhex would be a much better way to avoid these potential
>wordwrap problems.

I don't know what binhex is.  It could have existed before I subscribed.
What is it and how could I get a copy?

>"open(file_name,"r")" should of had a space after the comma for FIND
>to find it, sorry.  I am assuming you are using PatRat's binhex file.

No I am not sure what is going on, Actually.  I just hunted up the fixed
version of filesrch.e and put it in the include(out of a mail message) and
then named it med.ex and copied ed.bat into med.bat and edited.  now I have
a mouse editor (med.ex) and a non mouse editor (ed.ex)
        I'll look into some of this when I get your reply with info on
binhex (?????)

--much regards

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