1. Re: LongMail.txt - Modified ed.ex


>the only problem I had initially was that one word "select" wrapped,
and I
>fixed that

The copy I received back also had one word wrapped in the include
file. It was in the section "function select_drive()", but the word
was "Choices", not "select".  I guess sending these files encoded
with binhex would be a much better way to avoid these potential
wordwrap problems.

>>>Also the last line of my changes needs to be put back in, i.e.,
>>>should be two (2) "end if" statements prior to the statement:
>>>      file_no = open(file_name,"r")

>>Thort I got rid of that, sorry smile.

>Is something supposed to be changed?  I tried a search of the new ed.
ex to
>find "open(file_name,"r")" and didn't find the statement, found
>though.  Couldn't find the part that was mentioned,  does something
need to
>be fixed?  Will this fix the mouse not turning on at the beginning?
If you
>start ed.ex with no file selcected, the mouse doesn't turn on, and
there is
>no way of backing out because there are no defined exit keys at that
>How could I turn on the mouse pointer sooner?  So that it starts
with the
>little square in place?
>        If I start ed.ex with a file initially no problem, it starts,
 then I
>select New file with "esc-n" then there is no mouse pointer.  I hit
>and it usually selects a bmp file, then I back out of that and
select a new
>file again and the pointer is there.  Hoping you have checked out
the ed.ex
>code enouph to enable me to make an "easy" fix to this without
having to
>learn the entire program.

>Monty King

"open(file_name,"r")" should of had a space after the comma for FIND
to find it, sorry.  I am assuming you are using PatRat's binhex file.
 If so the "end if" statement referred to can also be found by
searching for "--new tom" which is at the end of the line.  About six
lines up from this are the two lines that need to have "--" added to
the beginning of the lines.  Comments on these lines say "--delete".
If you are using the binhex version these changes could fix your
problem since these changes affects how the editor starts up.  If not,
 does the following short program work?  Is anyone else having a
similar problem?

include filesrch.e   -- Name of the include file routine
sequence fs
fs = file_select("") -- "" selects the current directory on
                     -- startup or type "c:\\euphoria\\" for
                     -- example, for a user defined startup
                     -- directory.
puts(1,fs)           -- Prints to screen the selected path
                     -- and file name selected.

    Hope this helps
    Fred Cole

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