1. Re: LongMail.txt - Modified ed.ex

At 02:55 PM 10/13/96 +0100, you wrote:

>>I tried the decoded ed.ex program and it immediately crashed when a
>>file is
>>selected.  Fortunately the problem is not difficult to fix.  The
>>problem is
>>in the last section of code that needed changing; the two lines that
>> "delete" should be removed or at least have the line start with --.

>This is probably because it line wraped.

the only problem I had initially was that one word "select" wrapped, and I
fixed that

>>Also the last line of my changes needs to be put back in, i.e.,
>>should be two (2) "end if" statements prior to the statement:
>>      file_no = open(file_name,"r")

>Thort I got rid of that, sorry smile.

Is something supposed to be changed?  I tried a search of the new ed.ex to
find "open(file_name,"r")" and didn't find the statement, found "file_no"
though.  Couldn't find the part that was mentioned,  does something need to
be fixed?  Will this fix the mouse not turning on at the beginning?  If you
start ed.ex with no file selcected, the mouse doesn't turn on, and there is
no way of backing out because there are no defined exit keys at that point.
How could I turn on the mouse pointer sooner?  So that it starts with the
little square in place?
        If I start ed.ex with a file initially no problem, it starts, then I
select New file with "esc-n" then there is no mouse pointer.  I hit enter,
and it usually selects a bmp file, then I back out of that and select a new
file again and the pointer is there.  Hoping you have checked out the ed.ex
code enouph to enable me to make an "easy" fix to this without having to
learn the entire program.

Monty King

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