1. are ANY of my mails getting through?

I've been replying, but I haven't seen all of my mails come back in my
mailbox.  This is REALLY annoying.

here's another attempt at a reply
> >
> >        Hi everyone,  I know this is probably a stupid question, but I
> >have
> >always beleived stupid questions to be the ones you never asked, so
> >here goes...
> >
> >In these lines of Euphoria code:
> >
> >
> >
> >for i=1  to 30 by 1 do--number of bitmap (+1 for indexing in sequence
> >purposes)
> >for poop = 1 to (length(tank[i]))  do
> >    for aloop = 1 to 29  do--length of bmp file
> >
> >        a=tank[i][poop][(aloop)]
> >
> >
> >Which are out of Michael Packard's tank demo program,  what does the
> >"(" and ")"
> >around the "aloop" in the last line do?  I understand that a is an
> >atom, and
> >have read the ref manual twice again and even browsed the library
> >file,  but can't find a reference to using parenthesis as a selector.
> >Is this meaning specify the atom inside of that slice?
> >
> >P.S. the rem lines are added in by me, and are not necesarily right,
> >I'm just trying to figure out what all these lines do,  I am wanting to
> >narrow
> >down his virtual window, which doesn't look to hard, just more lines
> >of code
> >to select particular slices,  but have this BIG question.
> >
> >Thanks in advance.
> >Monty King
> >
> I'm (very) new to the list, and I was hoping you could tell me where i
> could get come .EX files to study...  I have tried multiple times to
> write in Euphoria, but to no avail, so my last-ditch effort is to gather
> as much source as I can to analyze...  The only Inet access I have is
> EMail, so if you (or if you know someone who would) could send me some
> code, or if you know a way I can get it via email, I'd owe ya big...

Ok, I'll kill both questions with one rock:

the parentheses around the aloop are redundant.  in an earlier version of
that code I was doing something more exotic that didn't work the way I
anticipated, so I removed that stuff, but neglected to remove the
parentheses just in case I wanted to add more stuff later.

As for example code, I've got a ton of it on my Euphoria Page
Also, the first few lessons from A Crash Course in Game Design - Euphoria
Edition are online as well.  I'm writing an asteroids game from scratch
this weekend.  I'll have some stuff your you people to playtest for me on
monday.  As of right now, I have the sprite engine working with clipping,
wrap around and image scaling on the fly.  It looks like I can have at
least 20 animating oids onscreen + ship and enemy ships drawing against
the background updating about 15 frames per second on my dx2.  I've had 8
oids wandering aimlessly.  Looks cool.

I'm writing the oid engine now to keep track of them, each can move in
different directions, different sizes and animations.

I'm hoping to be able to drive around with the oids by bedtime.

I will probably do a special edition of Crash Course covering all the
programming things.  I'm learning a lot. =)

A Crash Course In Game Design and Production - Euphoria Editon
New lesson should be up on tuesday.

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2. Re: are ANY of my mails getting through?

Micheal Packard wrote

>I've been replying, but I haven't seen all of my mails come back in my
>mailbox.  This is REALLY annoying.

Yes Micheal, I receive all your mail, but I'm not as energetic as you
seem to be.
For the moment, I try to concentrate on my PlayWave() work and still
hope to be done with it by midnigth sunday (eastern standard time)

  Since a few month I build a few include files that I'm ready to
release to public domain (I already released filelist.e) I`ll do it as
soon as get time to take care of it.

Jacques Deschenes

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