1. Re: Genetic algorithm, prisonner's dille

The Reaper wrote:

> What's a game theory?   :)

According to my dictionary, Game Theory is "a method of using mathematical
analysis to select the best available strategy in order to minimize one's
losses or maximize one's minimum winnings in a game, war, business
competition, etc."

"Game" refers loosely to any sort of competition, where there are
quantifiable winning and losings. There are a number of quite readable and
fun (really - and I don't like doing math) books available on the topic.

There are a number of reasons a game designer might want to read about it,

1. It helps you build intelligence into your games.

2. It gives a number of tools (such as tables) that are easily translated
   into computer models.

3. It helps you quantify elements of your game.

The Prisoner's Dillemma is a good example of how you can code a state table
of moves. Convert these tables to genetic algorithms, and you can run the
tables so they adapt over time, literally breeding strategies. Genetic
Algorithms are not part of Game Theory, but you can use the Game Theory
tools to build tables used by Genetic Algorithms.

 -- David Cuny

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