1. Attached jibberish

Joshua Milligan wrote:

>P.S.  When I recieve and e-mail containing an attached file, the file is
>actually just "written out" as lines of symbols @#JD19^acD994.  Any

I use Juno. Juno doesn't support file transfers.
When I recieve e-mail with files attached I get
something like.
---MIME type ascii-text---

<The message here>

---MIME type (not sure)---
Info stating encode type=BASE64 or UUE or something like that

(Encoded file)

You can download some files from the Web that will decode
these formats.  The address is http://www.cdc.net/~ceace/lucius/files

--Lucius Lamar Hilley III
--  E-mail at luciuslhilleyiii at juno.com
--  I support transferring of files less than 60K.
--  I can Decode both UU and Base64 format.

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