1. graphics mode cursor

More questions to the group about graphics mode.

As people have no doubt surmised by my many messages, I'm in the middle of
adding graphic mode support to my GUI toolkit.

My current problem: getting a cursor in graphic mode. Any suggestions on how
to proceed would be appreciated.

I have a number of options available, but they all have some drawbacks:

1. OR and underscore character onto the letter where the cursor is. the
   downside to this is that maintaining the cursor state can be a bit
   tough, and the underscore character is a bit thin.

2. Draw the cursor manually. This is probably the easiest method. Drawbacks
   include descenders get chopped off when the cursor is removed, and having
   to blink the cursor manually.

3. Draw an "I beam" cursor, like Windows and the Macintosh use. I may
   very well take this route, since I'm aiming for that "look and feel".
   but it has the same drawbacks as #2. I see that Windows ORs the I-Beam,
   so I could do something similar.

4. Use a BIOS routine to emulate the cursor in graphic mode. Optimal, but
   the only function call I found doesn't seem to work on my machine.

Any suggestions?


 -- David Cuny

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