1. StarThief!

Hi!  I'm working like gangbusters on StarThief, our 2nd Euphoria game
release.  I'm 2 days in retrofitting the OidZone Game Engine and the game
is completely playable (well, 2 player isn't working completely yet, but
other than that...) All is going GREAT!

Download the StarThief Beta .1 from my Euphoria page.

The OidZone Programmer's edition is still available. With the "Book" and
the source, you can create all kinds of games in almost no time. It is an
invaluable resource for those who wanna do games NOW, rather than wait 3
months for us to get to this stuff in Crash Course.  I explain the what
and WHY of every line of code in detail, and how I got every number I use
in my procedures. Alongside is a nice lesson on programming theory, and a
detailed explanation of what the Spite Engine IS and how it works.

Included with the Book, is a disk with every piece of art in the game in
BMP format, all the sounds, the source code and includes for OidZone, and
the .ex files to create the data files from the bmp's.  All for $40+S&H.

Michael Packard
Lord Generic Productions
lgp at exo.com http://exo.com/~lgp
A Crash Course in Game Design and Production

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