1. Compiling without optimization

I have added a new flag for configure, because if you disable optimization the programs are built faster, much faster.

make all: 
real	3m48.038s 
user	3m30.337s 
sys	0m15.009s 
real	10m14.074s 
user	9m49.612s 
sys	0m21.770s 
make test: 
real	15m33.645s 
user	12m23.936s 
sys	2m0.118s 
real	10m14.074s 
user	9m49.612s 
sys	0m21.770s 

The extra time the compiler takes for optimization makes a runtime with make all take 10 minutes of real time. If optimization is disabled it takes only 4 minutes.

The option is --build-quickly and it is not the default. The default continues to be optimization. We should avoid disasters by not making new options that people should set for production.

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2. Re: Compiling without optimization

If you're on Debian, etc. I recommend using ccache to speed up builds. First run with any combination of source/target/options still takes a while, but subsequent builds are significantly faster.

sudo apt install ccache 
./configure --cc="ccache gcc" 
make all 

Later I'd like to explore doing this for the translator. There's really no reason to re-translate the standard library if it hasn't changed. Probably worth doing after we've eliminated the various platform flags, EWINDOWS, etc.

Which, by the way, I was recently experimenting with. Find/replace EUNIX with __unix__ on the backend sources and make library seemed to come out correct.


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