1. SFML 2.5.2/2.6.0 Released


I have released my SFML 2.5.2/2.6.0 wrapper for Euphoria. I'm currently updating it as CSFML is updated. So check back frequently for updates. It works well. I of course used Greg's FFI euphoria library for handling of structs and such.

I didn't wrap SFML Net as Euphoria already has networking features built in.

https://github.com/gAndy50/SFML2Wrapper - Get it here

TODO: The only thing left to do are the callbacks and to continue updating it as CSFML gets updated. And to add some more examples.

--EuSFML RenderWindow Example 
--Written By Andy P. (Icy_Viking) 
include std/ffi.e 
include std/math.e 
include sfml_system.e 
include sfml_window.e 
include sfml_graphics.e 
sequence mode = {800,600,32} --Create window that is 800x600 and is 32-bits. 
atom win = sfRenderWindow_create(mode,"Window",sfClose,NULL) 
if win = -1 then 
	puts(1,"Failed to create window!\n") 
end if 
atom evt = allocate_struct(sfEvent) 
atom evt_type = 0 
while sfRenderWindow_isOpen(win) do 
	while sfRenderWindow_pollEvent(win,evt) do 
			evt_type = peek_type(evt,C_UINT32) 
			if evt_type = sfEvtClosed then 
			end if 
	end while 
end while 
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