1. Using euc on Windows

I've got a new Windows 11 PC set up.

Euphoria 32-bit is installed on it. I'm using wxWidgets, so I think Euphoria 64-bit is unusable.

I can run a wxEuphoria app with the interpreter from Notepad++ just fine.

However, when I attempt to compile a wxWidgets app, I get this error:

Windows PowerShell 
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PS C:\App> euc .\app.exw 
Build directory: build-626809\ 
Translating code, pass: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9  generating 
Compiling with GCC 
Compiling   0% init-.c 
Couldn't compile file 'init-.c' 
Status: -1 Command: gcc  -DEWINDOWS -fomit-frame-pointer -c -w -fsigned-char -O2 -m32 -IC:/Euphoria -ffast-math init-.c 

When I install TDM-GCC-64, I can't even run the wxEuphoria app with the interpreter. I get errors like this one:

euiw.exe - Entry Point Not Found 
[big red x] The procedure entry point __gxx_personality_v0 could not be 
located in the dynamic link library 

(Weirdly enough, it does compile successfully with

euc -xtra-lflags "-m32" .\app.exw 

Need help on where to go from here.

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2. Re: Using euc on Windows

I think the problem is that the version of GCC that built the wxeu libraries is different than the one you downloaded and I don't remember which version that was.

Try removing the "64+32-bit" version (tdm64-gcc-10.3.0-2.exe) and install the "32-bit only" version (tdm-gcc-10.3.0.exe) instead. Or maybe even the older release: tdm-gcc-9.2.0.exe.

Simpler solution? To get wxEuphoria working with interpreted apps just copy the binary files from your old PC (if you can). Use Dependencies to find which files you need. Put them all into C:\Euphoria\bin.

Sadly, nobody's maintaining wxEuphoria any more. You may be the only one using it. Lately I've been revisiting IUP. I'm almost done fixing up my new wrapper and I should have it published soon.


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