1. Listen http / https ports

Hello All

I want to know if possible to build a serverless web app on Euphoria. Something like does NodeJs with express framework.

On the archive there are some very old code of web servers written on Euphoria. I think I can extract from there functions related with listen the port, may work for http, but https involves a lot of security issues.

Any idea?

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2. Re: Listen http / https ports

I've been working on a basic web server for Euphoria MVC. Right now it's specifically coded to be initiated from the app itself but I'd like to make it more standalone


You should also look at the httpd.ex demo provided with Euphoria. It's what I based my EuMVC server on originally.


Right now the Euphoria MVC server has to be started from inside your application. I'd like to move it out to its own program that acts as a full CGI web server.

It might also be helpful to have a web server built into the interpreter that listens for HTTP requests and then runs the corresponding code. To my knowledge this is basically how NodeJS works.

Have you looked at Euphoria MVC? Based on your questions about CGI and HTTP(S) it seems like my work there would help you, and I could use the help continuing its development (even if it's just feedback on how it should work).

And like I said before, a lot of the "features" of Euphoria MVC should really move into the standard library. Things like the JSON parser, template engine, and logging library are all general purpose.


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