1. Clean ex.err on Notepad++

I have created a macro to make clean.err a little bit more human friendly when edited with Notepad++: sequences appear as strings when possible.

To create the macro, select Start Recording in the Macro menu then select Replace... in the Search menu.

Fill the following regexp in the Find what field:

Fill the following regexp result in the Replace with field:

Uncheck Match whole word only. Check Wrap around. State of Match case does not matter.

Select Regular expression as Search mode.

Click the button Replace All. Click the button Close. Select Stop Recording in the Macro menu then save the macro with Save Currently Recorded Macro... in the Macro menu.

When running the macro, lines as

    prefix = {91'[',69'E',82'R',82'R',79'O',82'R',93']',32' '} 
    title = {69'E',114'r',114'r',111'o',114'r'} 


    prefix = {[ERROR] } 
    title = {Error} 


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