1. phix-assert

atom GTKLIB = open_dll("Xlibgtk-3.so.0") -- error intended here 
assert(GTKLIB," Error loading libgtk!") 

assertion failure Error loading libgtk!:  Error loading libgtk! 
Why the repeated message?

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2. Re: phix-assert

Hey! Welcome back, I thought for a moment we'd lost you.
I can confirm this happens on my 0.8.3, but not (any more) on the internal 1.0.2 (64-bit lnx)
Unfortunately 32-bit 1.0.2 on Linux is quite badly broken somehow, with weird errors
from call_func/delete_routine/apply and suchlike, that may take me a while to pin down.
Also, my builtins\assert.e now begins --DEAD (moved into pCrashN.e) [DEV problems with p2js...]
and I've completely forgotten what that was all about, almost certainly related to this and
obviously in need of some cleanup/further investigation.

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