1. Particle fountain

I quickly translated https://rosettacode.org/mw/index.php?title=Particle_fountain#Raku
however it gets me a perfectly formed but tiny version, any ideas on fixing that? (nevermind, fixed version below)

-- demo\rosetta\Particle_fountain.exw 
-- ================================== 
with javascript_semantics 
include pGUI.e 
Ihandle dlg, canvas 
cdCanvas cddbuffer, cdcanvas 
constant title = "Particle fountain" 
constant help_text = """ 

Uparrow increases the saturation of the particle colors, 
downarrow decreases saturation until they all become white. 
PageUp sprays the particles out at a wider angle/spread, 
PageDown makes the jet narrower. 
Space toggles reciprocation (wobble) on and off (straight up). 
qLeft arrow decreases the angle range for reciprocation, 
right arrow increases the angle range for reciprocation. 
Press the "q" key to quit. 

constant particlenum = 3000 
-- each particle is {x,y,color,life,dx,dy} 
sequence particles = repeat({0,0,0,0,0,0},particlenum) 
atom t1 = time()+1 
integer fps = 0 
bool reciprocate = true 
atom range = 1.5, 
     spread = 1.5, 
     saturation = 0.4, 
     start = time(), 
     df = 0.0001 
function redraw_cb(Ihandle /*ih*/, integer /*posx*/, /*posy*/) 
    integer {w, h} = IupGetIntInt(canvas, "DRAWSIZE") 
    for i=1 to length(particles) do 
        atom {x,y,color,life} = particles[i] 
        if life>0 then 
            cdCanvasPixel(cddbuffer, x, h/10-y, color)  
        end if 
    end for 
    return IUP_DEFAULT 
end function 
function map_cb(Ihandle ih) 
    cdcanvas = cdCreateCanvas(CD_IUP, ih) 
    cddbuffer = cdCreateCanvas(CD_DBUFFER, cdcanvas) 
    cdCanvasSetBackground(cddbuffer, CD_BLACK) 
    return IUP_DEFAULT 
end function 
function hsv_to_rgb(atom h, s, v) 
    atom r,g,b 
    if s=0 then 
        {r,g,b} = {v,v,v} 
        integer i = floor(h*6) 
        atom f = h*6-i, 
             p = v*(1-s), 
             q = v*(1-s*f), 
             t = v*(1-s*(1-f)) 
        switch i do 
            case 0, 
                 6: {r,g,b} = {v, t, p} 
            case 1: {r,g,b} = {q, v, p} 
            case 2: {r,g,b} = {p, v, t} 
            case 3: {r,g,b} = {p, q, v} 
            case 4: {r,g,b} = {t, p, v} 
            case 5: {r,g,b} = {v, p, q} 
        end switch 
    end if 
    return cdEncodeColor(r*255, g*255, b*255) 
end function 
function timer_cb(Ihandle /*ih*/) 
    integer {w, h} = IupGetIntInt(canvas, "DRAWSIZE") 
    fps += 1 
    df = time()-start 
    start = time() 
    for i=1 to particlenum do 
        atom {x,y,color,life,dx,dy} = particles[i] 
        if life<=0 then 
            if rnd()<df then 
                life = 2.5          -- time to live 
                x = w/2             -- starting position x 
                y = h/10            --               and y 
                -- randomize velocity so points reach different heights: 
                atom r = iff(reciprocate?range*sin(time()):0) 
                dx = (spread*rnd()-spread/2+r)*50   -- starting velocity x 
                dy = (rnd()-2.9) * h/20.5           --               and y  
                color = hsv_to_rgb(round(remainder(time(),5)/5,100), saturation, 1) 
            end if 
            if y>h/10 and dy>0 then 
                dy *= -0.3  -- "bounce" 
            end if 
            dy += (h/10)*df -- adjust velocity 
            x += dx*df      -- adjust position x 
            y += dy*df*8    --             and y 
            life -= df 
        end if 
        particles[i] = {x,y,color,life,dx,dy} 
    end for 
    if time()>t1 then 
        IupSetStrAttribute(dlg,"TITLE","%s (%d, %d fps/s [%dx%d])",{title,particlenum,fps,w,h}) 
        t1 = time()+1 
        fps = 0 
    end if 
    return IUP_DEFAULT 
end function 
function key_cb(Ihandle /*dlg*/, atom c) 
    if c=K_ESC or lower(c)='q' then return IUP_CLOSE 
    elsif c=K_F1 then   IupMessage(title,help_text) 
    elsif c=K_UP then   saturation = min(saturation+0.1,1) 
    elsif c=K_DOWN then saturation = max(saturation-0.1,0) 
    elsif c=K_PGUP then spread = min(spread+0.1,5) 
    elsif c=K_PGDN then spread = max(spread-0.1,0.2) 
    elsif c=K_RIGHT then range = min(range+0.1,2) 
    elsif c=K_LEFT then range = max(range-0.1,0.1) 
    elsif c=K_SP then reciprocate = not reciprocate 
    end if 
    return IUP_CONTINUE 
end function 
procedure main() 
    canvas = IupGLCanvas("RASTERSIZE=400x300") 
    IupSetCallbacks({canvas}, {"ACTION", Icallback("redraw_cb"), 
                               "MAP_CB", Icallback("map_cb")}) 
    dlg = IupDialog(canvas,`TITLE="%s"`,{title}) 
    IupSetCallback(dlg, "KEY_CB", Icallback("key_cb")) 
    Ihandle timer = IupTimer(Icallback("timer_cb"), 1000/25) 
    IupSetAttribute(canvas, "RASTERSIZE", NULL) 
    if platform()!=JS then 
    end if 
end procedure 
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