1. Orx Wrapper Update

Hello all,

So after downloading Orx from source and compiling it. I have made it so the DLL using the CDECL calling option. So now I can use it make a wrapper for Euphoria using 32-bits instead of having to rely on 64-bits. Granted there still may be some hurdles when it comes to the inline functions. However those may be able to be done using ifdef statements in Euphoria.

I was able to compile it using CDECL by changing a line in the orxDecl.h file. After I did a quick test, I no longer got any errors when trying to call functions from the DLL. Now to continue writing the wrapper.

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2. Re: Orx Wrapper Update


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3. Re: Orx Wrapper Update

For anyone wondering how I got it to compile using CDECL, I only had to change one line of code. I compiled using Visual Studio 2017 x86 under Windows 7(64-bit). I should probably upgrade to Win 10 sometime so I can have access to the Linux Subsystem.

// C Code 
/* Windows */ 
#ifdef __orxWINDOWS__ 
  #ifndef orxFASTCALL 
    #define orxFASTCALL         __cdecl //change this to __cdecl from __fastcall 
  #endif /* !orxFASTCALL */ 
  #define orxSTDCALL            __stdcall 
  #define orxCDECL              __cdecl 
  /** The function will be exported (dll compilation) */ 
  #define orxDLLEXPORT          __declspec(dllexport) 
  /** The function will be imported (exe compilation) */ 
  #define orxDLLIMPORT          __declspec(dllimport) 
  /** The null address */ 
  #define orxNULL               (0) 
  /** Inline */ 
  #ifndef orxINLINE 
    /* *** Compiler specific *** */ 
    #if defined(__orxGCC__) || defined(__orxLLVM__) 
      /** The function intend to be inlined. */ 
      #define orxINLINE         inline 
    #elif defined(__orxMSVC__) 
      /** The function intend to be inlined. */ 
      #define orxINLINE         __inline 
  #endif /* !orxINLINE */ 
#else /* __orxWINDOWS__ */ 

This is a big project and will take sometime to get a Eu wrapper going. Stay tuned. There are many functions and flags for this.

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