1. Scope and functionality of the JS transpiler for Phix

Pete, but would you mind commenting on the following:

1) do you think that a Phix programmer will eventually (i.e. when the transpiler will be in a more advanced stage of development) be able to leverage the full dynamicity of JS? Or would there still remain some hard constraints due to Phix being the source language?

2) is JavaScript's message-passing functionality already supported?



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2. Re: Scope and functionality of the JS transpiler for Phix

I simply don't know what it is you are actually asking.

I can say I have no plans for Phix+React, Phix+Angular, Phix+Vue, Phix+WASM, etc.

As I said in the other thread, the aim is to get things which run on desktop/Phix to run in
the browser, re-inventing a few api as needed, but "browser-only" is of no interest to me.

That said, I will not automatically reject things that someone else makes work.

Once you have transpiled something, the generated .html/js files should all be pretty familiar,
bar subscripting, and if you can edit those files in a useful way, let me know.

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