1. Translator euc Watcom & life in the slow lane

Windows 10 64 bit Euphoria: 4.0.5 (362497032f33, 2012-10-11)
New install on virgin machine using supplied installer (run the .exe file).
Euphoria works as usual except euc doesn't work. Reloaded, same.

C:\Users\jedto\Documents\Software\Euphoria>euc -keep notes.exw
Build directory: build-175344
\ Translating code, pass: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 generating
Compiling with Watcom
Compiling 0% init-.c
Couldn't compile file 'init-.c'
Status: -1 Command: wcc386 /dEWINDOWS /bt=nt /mf /w0 /zq /j /zp4 /fp5 /fpi87 /5r /otimra /s /IC:\euphoria init-.c

Running outside euc Watcom has no problem compiling init-.c
euc is just nice. It (usually) takes care of everything and spits out a functional .exe file.

Side note: Installs done a few years ago on other machines work fine.

Yes, I set up the path for Watcom. The install doesn't do it for some reason.

Any thoughts/help would be greatly appreciated.
Yes, I could try gcc. I just like Watcom (ancient habits die hard).

Regards, jd

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2. Re: FIXED Translator euc Watcom & life in the slow lane

It turned out to be a combination of a poor error message and a change in where the installer put Watcom wcc386.

Anyway the new installation is working just like the old one.

Thanks for you help.


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