1. programming with english

GPT-3 Demo: New AI Algorithm Changes How We Interact With Technology


Webpage design starts a minute in.

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2. Re: programming with english

Yep. We're blacksmiths arguing over whether hand-forged nails should be square or triangular in cross-section, meanwhile next door, robots are building Tesla automobiles.

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3. Re: programming with english

The computer seriously must do better than humans...

[10:32:pm] <katsmeow> Tesla car in auto-drive blows thru a stop sign in french Canada, because it knows only usa stop signs in english

[10:34:pm] <katsmeow> (Ai) companies are offering$1M/yr paychecks to prevent that, and SN10 explosions
[SN10 lands]
[09:26:pm] <katsmeow> sholdn;t someone put out the fire?
[09:30:pm] <katsmeow> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hzhP3Q5fku8
[09:31:pm] <katsmeow> they SHOULD have put out that fire

[08:58:pm] <katsmeow> speaking of Ai, remember Terminator, and all those trips into/outof the deserts, and the liquid metal terminator, and how it could be broken into pieces, , well, someone found a piece, gave it a sex change, fastened it to the hood of a car, and it now sings in Allstate insurance commercials


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