1. [phix] compiling from git download

  • I downloaded the git repository
  • copied files to /home/PHIX
  • copied p to /home/PHIX
    • "Version 0.8.3 (64 bit Linux) Copyright Pete Lomax 2006..2016"

$ ./p -c p 
Check for and shut down any running instances of phix 
  (retry messages are given if required after round 4) 
Self-host round 1: compiling p.exw 
        s = delete_routine(s,0) 
          ^ routine_id expected 
...included by /home/PHIX/pmain.e, line 3899 
...included by /home/PHIX/p.exw, line 229 
        if sequence(s) and still_has_delete_routine(s) then 
                           ^Warning: forward call assumed 
Press Enter, or d for diagnostics... 

be well

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2. Re: [phix] compiling from git download

Yep, that's what I expected. This is why I've historically been reluctant to upload commits.

You have four five six options:

a) Wait for a new release. I'm not planning one any time soon, really, not for months.

b) Cross your fingers and try "./p p -c p", sometimes you'll get lucky (I'm not about to try that here)

c) Trial and error: comment out the bad code, making a list as you go, until it compiles. I usually play it safe by adding ?9/0. Then undo them one at a time trying to find an order that works (which is kinda what I actually do).

d) Download the right version. (For instance in the browser:) Instead of the big green Code button, click the 146 commits below it, browse down to the 0.8.3 release (ie the one that matches the executable you have) and click on the <>. Now you can click on the big green Code button. Something similar with git hash and github desktop I imagine.

e) Download from the official downloads page, should be equivalent to option d, if you got option d right.

f) (I forgot this one) Pester me to run 'p -c -norun p64.exu; del p64t; ren p64 p64t' and upload (just) that. Done 28/02/21, download using wget http://phix.x10.mx/p64t (no warantee).

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3. Re: [phix] compiling from git download

Bump. Sixth option added above.

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4. Re: [phix] compiling from git download

Thanks for the p64t. I'm getting crashes with structs and class.

I guess it is time to revert to 0.8.3 and try again.

be well

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