1. Phix : p and pw behaviour differences - self solved while writing

Hi Pete

p.exe someprogram runs fine

pw.exe somebrogram has 'multiple' include issues

for instance

    puts(fn, "BM" & int_to_bytes(54+cy*bytes) 
                    ^ a namespace qualifier is required 
int_to_bytes is defined in: 
...included by C:\EuProgramming\Phix\demo\Arwen32dibdemo\a32dpoly.ew, line 9 
...included by C:\EuProgramming\Phix\demo\Arwen32dibdemo\demo_cube.exw, line 18 

runs fine with p.exe, but this is the error produced with pw.exe.

There some including files (and the arwen32dib has quite a complicated tangle of them), but it's curious that it happens with pw and not p.

Now, c:\Phix is a shortcut to C:\EuProgramming\Phix, so that there is only one real instance of the Phix install, but neither path is included in the PATH variable.

Ok, so while looking through this, and tracing myself, I did a search for builtins\machine.e, and found

include ..\..\builtins\dll.e 
include ..\..\builtins\machine.e 
include ..\..\builtins\misc.e 
include ..\..\builtins\sort.e 
include ..\..\builtins\file.e 

in arwen.ew, and commented these out, and presto, both p.exe and pw.exe run fine now.

Still - there is that difference in behaviour....



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