1. Creating a ticket

I have tried to create a ticket about a problem in the machine.e library in the 4.1.0 64-bit distribution. The process seems to fail because the only entries in "Your Release" are old versions. Any attempt to enter anything else produces a meaningless failed message, referring to a "NULL" value in Line1! Even chosing one of the offered options results in the same outcome. So, how does one create a ticket to report that there is a problem creating tickets?

I have rescued the body of the ticket request, which is a Bug Report. It is reproduced below. Can anyone advise/act/whatever?


Starting on Line 79 of the distributed machine.e the code reads:

public procedure poke_pointer(atom address, object x)
end procedure 

The v4.1 documentation implies the following:

public procedure poke_pointer(atom address, object x)
	ifdef BITS32 then 
		poke4(address,x) -- was this 
		poke8(address, x)	-- for 64-bit 
	end ifdef 
end procedure 

Origin: found in using allocate_pointer_array when accessing C-language routines.

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