1. HOWTO make EU bilingual

If you want to have some tips on subject,
Rob and me opened the source of bilingual EU2.5 (en & ru).
Try please:


All changes to pure RDS code are marked by
"kinz" comments.



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2. Re: HOWTO make EU bilingual

The error messaging in the Euphoria source code was designed to work with alternative languages.

See msgtext.e in the source.

public function GetMsgText( message_index MsgNum, integer WithNum = 1, object Args = {}) 
	integer idx = 1 
	object msgtext 
	-- First check localization databases 
	msgtext = get_text( MsgNum, LocalizeQual, LocalDB ) 
	-- If not found, scan through hard-coded messages 

Put this in your source directory in your EUPHORIA distribution and run it. You can translate all of the 200+ strings this way, with cutting and paste mostly. Consider changing the code so you can modify string, or only do a few a day instead of all at once. And also consider converting this to use some GUI.

When you run it will ask for a language code. Russian will be 'ru'.

The program will create a file called teksto_ru.eds, (if you choose 'ru') and you can put this in your %EUDIR%\bin directory (or where eui resides) and then all of the message strings will be in the language you translated the strings to.

You'll need to add '-l ru' to the end of the eu.cfg file (also in %EUDIR%\bin) in order for it to use Russian by default.

include std/locale.e as locale 
include std/pretty.e 
include std/eds.e 
include std/io.e 
include ../source/msgtext.e 
include std/console.e 
include std/pretty.e 
include std/os.e 
include std/filesys.e 
sequence language 
object line 
line = prompt_string("Enter the two-letter code for the target language you are converting: ") 
language = line 
constant new_db_name = "teksto_" & line 
constant db_name = "newdb" 
integer open_error 
while open_error != DB_OK and open_error != DB_EXISTS_ALREADY with entry do 
	object errs = db_get_errors() 
	printf(2, "Couldn't create the database.  Error %d\n", open_error) 
	if length(errs) != 0 then 
		for i = 1 to length(errs) do 
		    puts(2, errs[i] & 10) 
		end for 
	end if 
    puts(2, "Trying again in five seconds...\n") 
    open_error = eds:db_create(db_name) 
end while 
if open_error = DB_EXISTS_ALREADY then 
	open_error = db_open(db_name) 
end if 
if db_select_table("1") != DB_OK then 
    printf(2, "Cannot select table 1.\n") 
end if 
object last_message = 0 
integer msgnum = 0 
while 1 do 
    sequence english = GetMsgText(msgnum, 0, {"[1]", "[2]", "[3]", "[4]"}) 
    if equal(last_message, english) then 
    end if 
    puts(1, "en: " & english & '\n') 
    line = prompt_string(language &": ") 
    -- GetMsgText uses eds, so we must select the db and table for each entry 
    db_insert(msgnum, line) 
    last_message = english 
    msgnum += 1 
end while 
move_file(db_name, new_db_name) 
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