1. Euphoria-MVC Immediate Redirect

I'm attempting to use a redirect when a user attempts to access a path that doesn't exist.

    return redirect( url_for("index"), response ) 

How do I make it an immediate redirect to that page, instead of showing a page with a link?

As an example use-case, say someone fills out a login form, and the credentials are no good. If the user reloads that page, it will attempt to submit the form again. So, on a failed POST, I want to send the user back to the GET version.

If there's another way to do this, please let me know! Like, should I just render_template() at that point? OK, can't use render_template() because it doesn't change the URL. The user could just keep attempting to reload the unavailable URL.

ADDED: Here's a link on how a redirect could be done in PHP.

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2. Re: Euphoria-MVC Immediate Redirect

This has been corrected. It was working but I renamed a variable but apparently not everywhere. Fixed in v1.5.1.



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