1. A quick Euphoria MVC update

I pushed the changes I've been working on for the past couple months. It doesn't look like much, but the biggest change is that the path parser now correctly parses variables using regular expressions. Previously, I had it just splitting the path on slashes, so things like "/user/<id>" would correctly find "/user/123". But it got thrown off by anything more complicated, like what we use on this site, such as "/user/123.wc", would not match correctly, but now it does.



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2. Re: A quick Euphoria MVC update

Another quick update! I've added a very basic web server and very basic logging functionality.

The logger has color-coded line output and supports multiple targets (e.g. STDERR, myfile.log, etc.) and log levels (e.g. ERROR, WARN, INFO, DEBUG, etc.) with each level receiving its own color.

The web server will allow you to develop a web application without having to set up a development server. Just call server:start() in your application and it will do the rest!

You can still use app:run() for CGI applications, and that's probably better for real-world usage for the time being.




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