1. Announcing the Hybrid Online OpenEuphoria Professional License Agreement (HOOPLA)

Starting July 1, 2019, the OpenEuphoria project is moving to a new licensing model. OpenEuphoria will now be available in three distribution channels: Open Edition, Standard Edition, and Enterprise Edition.

  • Open Edition : This will remain (mostly) the OpenEuphoria as you know it today. Free for use in non-commercial and open-source projects.

  • Standard Edition : This distribution is targeted at individual developers and small organizations using OpenEuphoria producing software for, or using OpenEuphoria products in, a commercial business environment.

  • Enterprise Edition : The enterprise edition is targeted at large organizations and government institutions with more than 1,000 employees or $1,000,000 USD per year in revenue.

Who Will be Affected by These Changes?

All commercial OpenEuphoria users, not just legacy customers, will be impacted by this change. Though these two new models will be the only OpenEuphoria options for new customers in 2019 or later, customers of old OpenEuphoria models will not be forced to switch to the subscription model. But there are a few reasons they may want to consider switching, so all commercial OpenEuphoria users should be aware of how licensing and pricing differs from the old models and how public updates and support will be affected.

If you are using OpenEuphoria for non-commercial use and under a very restrictive scenario, you might have the rights to use OpenEuphoria for free. However, activating and using any commercial features of OpenEuphoria requires a license, so it is worth confirming that you are not using any commercial features and are in accordance with OpenEuphoria licensing policies.

Action Items for Commercial Users

If you are an existing commercial OpenEuphoria user, you should conduct an internal assessment of your current OpenEuphoria deployment and the commercial features you are using to:

  • Ensure you are compliant and properly licensed based on the number of desktops or servers where OpenEuphoria is deployed.
  • Determine whether switching to the new subscription model would be more cost-effective based on your current annual support fees with OpenEuphoria.

If you anticipate your requirements for commercial use of OpenEuphoria to grow, you may want to consider switching to the subscription model. If you decide to switch, you can use the processor or user metric to determine whether the standard or enterprise-based subscription is best for your environment based on your licensing requirements.

How to Calculate Your OpenEuphoria Licensing Requirements

Under the new OpenEuphoria subscription models, customers can choose between server and desktop deployments. Server deployments will use a processor-based metric while desktop deployments will use a user-based metric to calculate your OpenEuphoria license requirements.

License Pricing

Platform Monthly Subscription Per Unit Volume
Open Edition FREE N/A N/A
Standard Edition $2.75 User 1 - 99
Standard Edition $2.50 User 100 - 249
Standard Edition $2.25 User 250 - 499
Standard Edition $2.00 User 500 - 999
Standard Edition $1.75 User 1000 - 4999
Standard Edition $1.50 User 5000 - 9999
Standard Edition $2.25 User 10,000+
Standard Edition $27.50 Processor 1 - 49
Standard Edition $20.00 Processor 50 - 99
Standard Edition $17.50 Processor 100 - 499
Standard Edition $15.00 Processor 500 - 999
Standard Edition $22.50 Processor 1,000+
Enterprise Edition $5.75 User 1 - 249
Enterprise Edition $5.25 User 250 - 499
Enterprise Edition $5.00 User 500 - 999
Enterprise Edition $3.75 User 1000 - 4999
Enterprise Edition $3.50 User 5000 - 9999
Enterprise Edition $5.25 User 10,000+
Enterprise Edition $45.00 Processor 10 - 24
Enterprise Edition $42.50 Processor 25 - 49
Enterprise Edition $40.00 Processor 50 - 99
Enterprise Edition $37.50 Processor 100 - 499
Enterprise Edition $35.00 Processor 500 - 999
Enterprise Edition $42.50 Processor 1,000+

P.S. This is an April Fool's Joke!

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2. Re: Announcing the Hybrid Online OpenEuphoria Professional License Agreement (HOOPLA)


Of course it's an April Fool's joke! Although, I was hoping the organization was going to start rakin' in the dough, baby! I could retire and program Euphoria the rest of my days.

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3. Re: Announcing the Hybrid Online OpenEuphoria Professional License Agreement (HOOPLA)

You've had me for a while there Greg! smile

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