1. Invalid links on Home page

I don't have permissions to edit the home page, so I cannot remove the old links to EuGTK shown there. Since I don't have room to keep older versions, those direct links to files show up as "Page not found", so just linking to the website is best.

If whoever does that could please also note that the new year's version is now available: EuGTK 4.14.6. Thanks!


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2. Re: Invalid links on Home page (New EuGTK)

Thanks Tom!

This upgrade includes a new multi-tasking option. I noticed when designing some accounting software that when loading a listview with several thousand customer accounts, there would be a pause while waiting for the data to be transferred. So I added some code to the listview loader so that GTK operations would get an opportunity to "do something" as each line item was added to the list.

That means that I can now open a large file, start reading data, and still create and display the user interface simultaneously. Program has a much more professional appearance now.

Obviously, this will only affect a few users.

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