1. Tiny 1.4 for Raspberry Pi

I have ported to OE4.1 version 1.4 of Jack Crenshaw's Tiny language compiler: http://compilers.iecc.com/crenshaw/

Original version provides assembler code for 68000 family of processors.

Tiny has been ported to x86 and to Raspberry Pi by Pascal Programming for Schools: http://pp4s.co.uk/main/tu-trans-comp-jc-14pi.html

My OpenEuphoria port is available here: http://jean-marc.duro.pagesperso-orange.fr/Tiny14Pi_v1.0.0_2018-12-04.tar.gz

It converts pascal-like code to assembler code that can be compiled with gcc. I built a script that does the job in one step. An example is provided (Pascal Triangle resolution).

As Tiny has also been ported to x86 Linux (gcc) and to x86 Windows (MASM), my OpenEuphoria port can be made multi-platform: Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, MacOS, Mac OSX. Actual source code is less then 1400 lines of code, comments included. It can be extended of course.



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2. Re: Tiny 1.4 for Raspberry Pi

Here is a version that runs on either Windows or Raspberry Pi. It still fails on Linux. See readme.txt on Windows (MASM32 needed).



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