1. Using the local documentation

Although there is a manual online and this manual is good for searching arbitrary strings in the manual, often a developer wants to see the location and the precise documentation of a given routine or constant and wants to see the precise meaning of said routine or constant. For this purpose, the best method for looking up information is your local HTML documentation!

You can open /usr/local/share/euphoria/doc/html/index.html; or it may be in somewhere like C:\Euphoria\doc\html\index.html or C:\Program Files\Euphoria\doc\html, Type in your search query like something like "db_create". Instantly a link is given to you for the precise definition of db_create (and by "definition" I mean the docs in this case). Click on that link and you are there. Even if you have Internet connectivity problems.

In the docs, you get the namespace, the dot-e file you need to include and a very detailed description of the parameters you need to provide and exceptional circumstances like whether the database exists already.

You can add it to your bookmarks or setup a Web server on your local machine to serve it to you (if you're like me).

Shawn D Pringle

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