1. EuGTK4.14.2 released

Includes a couple of minor bug fixes, plus a new, simple way to allow you or your users to translate buttons, tooltips, help text, etc. into the language of choice, even if your program is supplied in bound or compiled form.

Also, a talking clock to teach kids and recent college graduates how to tell time from one of those round things on the wall...


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2. Re: EuGTK4.14.2 released

Thanx! This is great stuff, man. When you see something like this, you can even forget that OpenEuphoria development has stopped. ;)

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3. Re: EuGTK4.14.2 released

To explain a bit about the 'translations' - you can have one or many different languages, as needed, which your users can create and modify as they wish, while your eu code is protected from change if bound, shrouded, or compiled. The files are simple text files, and you can choose from the available languages when starting the program as explained in the sample below: (multi is the name of my demo program)

-- traducido por Google translate: 
-- Para ver otros idiomas, ejecute eui multi xx, donde xx es:  
-- en inglés, ge alemán, gk griego, fr francés, ru ruso, bn bengalí, hn hindi 
+ MainWindow.HelpCaption = Ayuda 
+ MainWindow.HelpTitle = Acerca de este programa 
+ MainWindow.HelpText = No hay mucho que contar, \nit es solo un programa \nok? 
--! Button1.tooltip text = Haz clic aquí para salir 
--! Button1.label = _Salir 
--! Button1.image = gtk-quit 

Images, backgrounds, and most all properties can be changed, as long as you have given the GtkWidget involved a unique name. If someone messes up a translation file, your program will revert to the original captions you used when you wrote it.

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