1. Building a script that triggers all warnings

In order to see which warnings are really enabled, a script is needed that triggers all warnings. Here is what I have so far:

-- warning_file( "warnings_issued.txt" ) 
type boolean(integer x) 
    return x = x * x 
end type 
global integer foo 
-- expect resolution warning here if resolution is enabled {resolution} 
include dependency.e 
integer a1 = 1 
-- expect short-circut warning here if short-circut is enabled {short_circuit} 
function increment_a1() 
    a1 += 1 
    return a1 
end function 
-- do warn here because increment_a1() has a side-effect 
if a1 and increment_a1() then 
    -- do nothing 
end if 
-- do not expect short-circut warning here though even if short-circut is enabled 
if a1 and time() then 
	-- do nothing 
end if 
-- do warn here that puts is being overridden {override} 
override procedure puts(integer fd, sequence s) 
    boolean must_recurse = 0 
    for i = 1 to length(s) do 
        if not integer(s[i]) or s[i] < 0 or s[i] > 255 then 
            must_recurse = 1 
        end if 
    end for 
    if must_recurse then 
        eu:puts(fd, "{ ") 
        for i = 1 to length(s) do 
            puts(fd, "\"" & s[i] & "\", ") 
        end for 
        eu:puts(fd, " }") 
        eu:puts(fd, s) 
    end if 
end procedure 
puts(1, "") 
global procedure printf(integer fd, sequence fmt, sequence s) 
    --eu:printf(fd, fmt, s) 
end procedure 
-- warn about builtin_chosen 
printf(1, "", {}) 
procedure bar() 
    integer unused = 5 
end procedure 
-- war about not_used 
-- warn about no_value 
procedure baz() 
    integer no_value 
end procedure 
-- warn about useless code {custom} 
warning("Useless code") 
-- Code {not_reached} 
a1 = 1 
-- {translator} warning must be issued from the command line arguments : An option was given to the translator, but this option is not recognized as valid for the C compiler being used. 
-- {cmdline} is an anachronism 
ifdef not LINUX then 
-- {mixed_profile}  
with profile_time 
with profile 
end ifdef 
switch 4 without fallthru do 
    case 0 then 
    -- {empty_case} 
    case 1 then 
       print(1, "one") 
    -- no case else {default_case} 
end switch 
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