1. [RESOLVED] Edita Not Opening in Windows 10

I've got Phix installed, but Edita is not opening for me. If I double-click the executable, or if I double-click a .exw file (which is opened by Edita on my system), I don't see a window, but the edita background process appears in the Windows Task Manager.

What can I do to diagnose this?

I thought

pw -version 

would give me the version of Phix I'm running, but it says "unrecognized command: version."

RESOLVED: I rebooted Windows, and it all works now.

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2. Re: [RESOLVED] Edita Not Opening in Windows 10

One thing Edita does is try to find an already running instance by getting all window handles and sending them a CD_EDITA message, to see if they respond with one.

However, if any window is unresponsive, it will block Edita from starting. When I get this it sits there in task manager with about 18M and 0% cpu. Sometimes if you leave it 4 or 5 minutes it suddenly gets going. The planned replacement (and this very thing was a strong motivator for starting that) uses IUP's SINGLE_INSTANCE method, which has not as yet exhibited this problem, though ultimately I believe it relies on a similar trick except with a WM_COPYDATA message.

To find the version of phix, just run it without any arguments.

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