1. Using longest common string problem solution to improve readability of error reports

I have modified my copy of eutest so that will allow me to see changes in a significantly more readable way:

Instead of :

control outcome
Men are from Mars. Women are from Venus. Men are from Venus. Women are from Mars.

It shows :

control \ outcome
Men are from MarsVenus. Women are from VenusMars.

I wanted to get some feedback if people thought this was a good change. Now I needed a longest common string problem solution that I pulled from the Euphoria Archive. I can leave it in include/std/, but I probably should put it in ./source as it is not part of the core Euphoria code.

In not every instance is it desirable to have this change. So, if the result string is Phi times the the average length of the outcome and control string, it shows the original formating of the two control/outcome pair.

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