1. __fastcall in windows 64 bit

not sure how the win32 demos can work if windows 64 bit is using the __fastcall calling convention. though they do work, is it just a fluke? the demos are only using a fraction of the win32 API

there is much conflicting information about 64 bit, alignment exceptions, compiler dependent struct padding. differences between CPU architecture. are we there yet?

how well tested are the 64 bit builds? anyone using one? I haven't been able to build one that works and no debug version at all. still using the beta 2 from over a year ago.

I haven't seen __fastcall mentioned on MSDN unless I just blanked it out. I've skimmed quite a few porting 32 to 64 guides. but there are #ifdef 64 __fastcall in some source code.

anyone have more information on this? search doesn't turn up any tickets or recent posts do we need a '-' like the '+' for __stdcall or __cdecl?

Overview of x64 Calling Conventions https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms235286.aspx

* all 3 win32 demos fail -D SAFE with b2 64 bit as well as in the last mem_struct branch eubin Matt built

they work fine and pass -D SAFE with the 32 bit versions eui

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