-- Euphoria is testable 
include std/unittest.e 
test_equal("1 plus 1 should be 2",  
           2, 1 + 1) 

Welcome to OpenEuphoria

Euphoria is a powerful but easy-to-learn programming language. It has a simple syntax and structure with consistent rules, and is also easy to read. You can quickly, and with little effort, develop applications, big and small, for Windows, Unix variants (Linux, FreeBSD, ...) and OS X.

Euphoria was first released as shareware way back in 1993. Nowadays, it is being developed as an open source project that is community driven and maintained. The language has evolved into a sophisticated tool for programmers.

Surprising to many, Euphoria is one of the fastest interpreted languages around however for more speed and ease of distribution Euphoria also includes an integrated Euphoria to C translator. Euphoria provides subscript checking, uninitialized variable checking, garbage collection, and numerous other run-time checks, and is still extremely fast.

Euphoria is a general purpose programming language with a large library base making it usable for a variety of tasks. Its use of simple English words rather than punctuation enables you to quickly read the source code and understand it. Please read some Sample Code for yourself.

Current News

new draconian rules for keep forum accounts valid

I have unilaterally made up the following rules:

User accounts that successfully go through validation but then never make a forum post or wiki edit will be unvalidated.

User accounts that have not been logged into the past 30 days will have to be revalidated through the same process as for new forum accounts (that is, you send the admins an email from your registered email address to revalidate the account).

For either old or new user account validation, a response will be sent out that will contain some special text ( a random md5 sum ) included. A reply including that text will need to be received. This is to prevent forged email addresses from being used - one cycle of send - receive - reply will need to occur.

Even if a reply is received, if a human suspects that the emails are either auto-generated or coming from a troll, validation may be declined on this basis. No response notifying the sender of the failed validation will be sent.

These changes are effective immediately.

GEN Eu3 Standard Library --- Jean-Marc DURO

GEN Eu3 Standard Library 1174K Jean-Marc DURO Nov 25/16

A set of libraries for Eu3, documented and tested. - Added 2 wrappers for Windows: WinHTTP and LibSSH2 to allow HTTPS and SSH. LibSSH2 may be usable in Linux too (not tested).


GEN eu_number --- James Cook

GEN eu_number 31K James Cook updated Nov 19/16

Sequence based mathematics. addition, multiplication, subtraction, multiplicative inverse (1/x), division. Bigmath: use length equals 100 for speed, max_radix = 0x800000. Keep in mind to check the exponent and the number. (all functions are now big endian) Nov 19: added "ball_park_mult_inv()" to help with multiplicative inverse and division


Older News

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