Here's an example of how to wrap a dynamic link library. This library attempts to wrap xcb.

Under construction

-- XCB API Wrapper Library 
-- See: 
-- http://xcb.freedesktop.org/manual/ 
-- http://xcb.freedesktop.org/PublicApi/ 
-- http://xcb.freedesktop.org/tutorial/ 
include std/dll.e 
include std/console.e 
include std/error.e 
atom xcb_connect_, xcb_get_setup_, xcb_setup_roots_iterator_, xcb_generate_id_, xcb_create_window_, xcb_map_window_, xcb_flush_, xcb_disconnect_ 
-- dynamically link a C routine as a Euphoria function 
function link_c_func(atom dll, sequence name, sequence args, atom result) 
    atom handle = define_c_func(dll, name, args, result) 
    if handle = -1 then 
        crash("Couldn't find " & name) 
    end if 
    return handle 
end function 
-- dynamically link a C routine as a Euphoria procedure 
function link_c_proc(atom dll, sequence name, sequence args) 
    atom handle = define_c_proc(dll, name, args) 
    if handle = -1 then 
        crash("Couldn't find " & name) 
    end if 
    return handle 
end function 
-- get handles to all dll routines that we need 
procedure link_dll_routines() 
    atom libxcb = open_dll({"libxcb.so.1.1.0", "libxcb.so"}) -- Must have a 32bit .so installed if on a 64bit machine. 
    if libxcb = NULL then 
        crash("Couldn't find libxcb.so") 
    end if 
    xcb_connect_ = link_c_func(libxcb, "xcb_connect", {C_POINTER, C_POINTER}, C_POINTER) 
    xcb_get_setup_ = link_c_func(libxcb, "xcb_get_setup", {C_POINTER}, C_POINTER) 
    xcb_setup_roots_iterator_ = link_c_func(libxcb, "xcb_setup_roots_iterator", {C_POINTER}, C_POINTER) 
    xcb_generate_id_ = link_c_func(libxcb, "xcb_generate_id", {C_POINTER}, C_UINT) 
    xcb_create_window_ = link_c_proc(libxcb, "xcb_create_window", {C_POINTER, C_INT, C_UINT, C_UINT, C_INT, C_INT, C_INT, C_INT, C_INT, C_INT, C_UINT, C_INT, C_POINTER}) 
    xcb_map_window_ = link_c_proc(libxcb, "xcb_map_window", {C_POINTER,C_UINT}) 
    xcb_flush_ = link_c_proc(libxcb, "xcb_flush", {C_POINTER}) 
    xcb_disconnect_ = link_c_proc(libxcb, "xcb_disconnect", {C_POINTER}) 
end procedure 
public function xcb_connect(atom a1, atom a2) 
    return c_func(xcb_connect_, {a1, a2}) 
end function 
public function xcb_get_setup(atom connection) 
    return c_func(xcb_get_setup_, {connection}) 
end function 
public function xcb_setup_roots_iterator(atom connection) 
    return c_func(xcb_setup_roots_iterator_,{connection}) 
end function 
public function xcb_generate_id(atom connection) 
    return c_func(xcb_generate_id_, {connection}) 
end function 
public procedure xcb_create_window(atom connection, integer copy, atom window, 
atom parentwindow, integer x, integer y, integer w, integer h, 
integer border, integer class, atom visual, integer flags, atom notused) 
    c_proc(xcb_create_window_, {connection, copy, window, parentwindow, 
    x, y, w, h, border, class, visual, flags, notused}) 
end procedure 
public procedure xcb_map_window(atom connection, atom window) 
    c_proc(xcb_map_window_, {connection, window}) 
end procedure 
public procedure xcb_flush(atom connection) 
    c_proc(xcb_flush_, {connection}) 
end procedure 
public procedure xcb_disconnect(atom connection) 
    c_proc(xcb_disconnect_, {connection}) 
end procedure 
procedure main() 
    -- Open the connection to the X server 
    atom connection = xcb_connect (0, 0) 
    -- Get the first screen 
    atom setup = xcb_get_setup (connection) 
    atom screen = xcb_setup_roots_iterator (setup) 
    -- Create the window 
    atom window = xcb_generate_id (connection) 
    xcb_create_window (connection, -- Connection 
    XCB_COPY_FROM_PARENT, -- depth(same as root) 
    window, -- window Id 
    peek4u(screen+0), -- root -- parent window 
    0, 0, -- x, y 
    150, 150, -- width, height 
    10, -- border_width 
    peek4u(screen+8), --root_visual-- visual 
    0, 0 ) -- masks, not used yet 
    -- Map the window on the screen 
    xcb_map_window (connection, window) 
    -- Make sure commands are sent before we pause so that the window gets shown 
    xcb_flush (connection) 
    wait_key() -- pause () -- hold client until Ctrl-C 
    xcb_disconnect (connection) 
end procedure 
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