A Windows32 wrapper library for Euphoria developers. This is probably the largest and most-used library for the Euphoria language. See for the original version, or see Update 2020 below for a version for Euphoria 4.1.

Bugs and Enhancments

You can submit a ticket for an enhancement or make a bug report at sourceforge


David Cuny originally wrote Win32lib in an attempt to create a platform independant GUI add-on for Euphoria.

Matthew Lewis implemented most of the common Windows controls

Derek Parnell has acted as custodian once David could no longer concentrate on the library. Since then he has reorganised the code and implemented improvements based on submissions from the many users of the library.

Christian Cuvier next took care of the library for 12 months, among other things gearing it up to recent Windows versions.

Derek Parnell is currently maintaining the library. Although he now seems to have retired from the Euphoria scene.


There is also an IDE called EuVide.


  • When Euphoria v4.0 has been released, Win32lib will undergo changes to take advantage of the new facilities available in Euphoria.
  • The large library file will be reorganised into a number of mix'n'match small files to make it easier to create smaller sized applications.
  • A new method of create custom built controls will be added.
  • The 'sizer' concept from wxWindows will be added.

Update 2020

Euphoria 4.1 has arrived, and stuck around. I heve tweaked win32 lib and IDE 1.04 and packaged them into one zip file for download and installation. there are probably a few bugs to be ironed out, let me know and I'll have a look. Still a very capable package to produce very capable programs. Lots of documentation in here.

Box will now preview the zip file - to download the zip, look to the top right of the window, and click on Download.

See install.rtf for hints on getting started.

Link to

(Charles Newbould's EuVIDE has some enhancements over this, and this is in no way intended to present itself as a superior solution, However this contains win32lib, and the source code for the IDE)



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