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Time and Number Translation


include locale.e 
namespace locale 
public function set(sequence new_locale) 

sets the computer locale, and possibly loads an appropriate translation file.

  1. new_locale : a sequence representing a new locale.

An integer, either 0 on failure or 1 on success.


Locale strings have the following format: xx_YY or xx_YY.xyz . The xx part refers to a culture, or main language or script. For instance, "en" refers to English, "de" refers to German, and so on. For some languages, a script may be specified, like "mn_Cyrl_MN" (Mongolian in cyrillic transcription).

The YY part refers to a subculture, or variant, of the main language. For instance, "fr_FR" refers to metropolitan France, while "fr_BE" refers to the variant spoken in Wallonie, the French speaking region of Belgium.

The optional .xyz part specifies an encoding, like .utf8 or .1252 . This is required in some cases.

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