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include console.e 
namespace console 
public function save_text_image(text_point top_left, text_point bottom_right) 

copies a rectangular block of text out of screen memory.

  1. top_left : the coordinates, given as a pair, of the upper left corner of the area to save.
  2. bottom_right : the coordinates, given as a pair, of the lower right corner of the area to save.

A sequence, of {character, attribute, character, ...} lists.


The returned value is appropriately handled by display_text_image.

This routine reads from the active text page, and only works in text modes.

You might use this function in a text-mode graphical user interface to save a portion of the screen before displaying a drop-down menu, dialog box, alert box, and so on.

Example 1:
-- Top 2 lines are: Hello and World 
s = save_text_image({1,1}, {2,5}) 
-- s is something like: {"H-e-l-l-o-", "W-o-r-l-d-"} 
See Also:

display_text_image, get_screen_char

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