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`free` also used in `pseudo memory`

Memory Disposal


include machine.e 
namespace machine 
public procedure free(object addr) 

frees up a previously allocated block of memory.

  1. addr, either a single atom or a sequence of atoms; these are addresses of a blocks to free.
  • Use free to return blocks of memory the during execution. This will reduce the chance of running out of memory or getting into excessive virtual memory swapping to disk.
  • Do not reference a block of memory that has been freed.
  • When your program terminates, all allocated memory will be returned to the system.
  • addr must have been allocated previously using allocate. You cannot use it to relinquish part of a block. Instead, you have to allocate a block of the new size, copy useful contents from old block there and then free the old block.
  • If the memory was allocated and automatic cleanup was specified, then do not call free directly. Instead, use delete.
  • An addr of zero is simply ignored.
Example 1:


See Also:

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