updating oE gcd



include math.e 
namespace math 
public function gcd(atom p, atom q) 

returns the greater common divisor of to atoms.

  1. p : one of the atoms to consider
  2. q : the other atom.

A positive integer, which is the largest value that evenly divides into both parameters.

  • Signs are ignored. Atoms are rounded down to integers.
  • If both parameters are zero, 0 is returned.
  • If one parameter is zero, the other parameter is returned.

Parameters and return value are atoms so as to take mathematical integers up to power(2,53).

Example 1:
? gcd(76.3, -114) --> 38 
? gcd(0, -114) --> 114 
? gcd(0, 0) --> 0 (This is often regarded as an error condition) 
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