updating oE float64_to_atom


include convert.e 
namespace convert 
public function float64_to_atom(sequence_8 ieee64) 

converts a sequence of 8 bytes in IEEE 64-bit format to an atom.

  1. ieee64 : the sequence to convert.

An atom, the same value as the FPU would see by peeking ieee64 from RAM.


Any 64-bit IEEE floating-point number can be converted to an atom.

Example 1:
f = repeat(0, 8) 
fn = open("numbers.dat", "rb")  -- read binary 
for i = 1 to 8 do 
    f[i] = getc(fn) 
end for 
a = float64_to_atom(f) 
See Also:

float32_to_atom, bytes_to_int, atom_to_float64

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