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include filesys.e 
namespace filesys 
public function dir_size(sequence dir_path, integer count_all = 0) 

returns the amount of space used by a directory.

  1. dir_path : A sequence. This is the path that identifies the directory to inquire upon.
  2. count_all : An integer. Used by Windows systems. If zero (the default) it will not include system or hidden files in the count, otherwise they are included.

A sequence, containing four elements; the number of sub-directories [COUNT_DIRS], the number of files [COUNT_FILES], the total space used by the directory [COUNT_SIZE], and breakdown of the file contents by file extension [COUNT_TYPES].

  • The total space used by the directory does not include space used by any sub-directories.
  • The file breakdown is a sequence of three-element sub-sequences. Each sub-sequence contains the extension [EXT_NAME], the number of files of this extension [EXT_COUNT], and the space used by these files [EXT_SIZE]. The sub-sequences are presented in extension name order. On Windows the extensions are all in lowercase.
Example 1:
res = dir_size("/usr/localbin") 
printf(1, "Directory %s contains %d files\n", { 
        "/usr/localbin", res[COUNT_FILES] 
for i = 1 to length(res[COUNT_TYPES]) do 
    printf(1, "Type: %s (%d files %d bytes)\n", { 
end for 
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