updating oE db_record_recid


include eds.e 
namespace eds 
public function db_record_recid(integer recid) 

returns the key and data in a record queried by recid.

  1. recid : the recid of the required record, which has been previously fetched using db_get_recid.

An sequence, the first element is the key and the second element is the data portion of requested record.

  • This is much faster than calling db_record_key and db_record_data.
  • This does no error checking. It assumes the database is open and valid.
  • This function does not need the requested record to be from the current table. The recid can refer to a record in any table.
Example 1:
rid = db_get_recid("SomeKey") 
? db_record_recid(rid) 
See Also:

db_get_recid, db_replace_recid

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